SonyBMG pits Vanness and Leehom Against One Another

SonyBMG artists Wang Leehom and Vanness are not only in the same company, they are also close friends behind the scenes. The two have been seen hanging out together in Taipei. In addition, the two have cooperated on numerous occasions including concerts and most notably in Leehom’s self-directed music video "Ai Cou."

However, SonyBMG has pit the two celebrities against each other for the first time. Both Leehom and Vanness are holding concerts in Malaysia on March 3rd, 2007. This is Vanness’s first time holding a solo concert in Malaysia. However, this is also the last stop for Leehom’s widely acclaimed GSYX concert tour.

Leehom’s special guest for his concert will be Singapore superstar and close friend of Leehom’s Lin Jun Jie (J.J. Lin). The special concert for Vanness’s concert will be R/B singer and rapper Nicky Lee (of renowned Taiwanese group Machi).

SonyBMG commented that the concerts will not clash with one another because Leehom and Vanness attract different audiences. Sony’s publicist commented, "The two have different musical styles and are in no way similar to another. We are confident that neither concert will affect the performance of the other because each artist has different fanbases."

However, there has been backlash from fans, such as 20 year old Elizabeth Goh, who is a fan of both artists. "I don’t know who’s concert go to. This is Vanness’s first time in Malaysia, but this is Leehom’s last stop." Other fans complain that putting the two artists on the same day will draw tension between fans and result in unneccesary comparison between the two.

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