Sony Vaio Pro screen resolution

While the screen has been clear and crisp, there’s nothing really that I want to complaint more on the screen except for the flickering which is resolvable. However, while I was searching for a resolution towards my issue with the flickering, i noted one commentator who posted with issues on screen resolution with sony vaio pro. That hits me somehow. While I have been using it for few days, although it didn’t affect me much, but the font size and all the appears on screen are particularly small, comparing it with my desktop.

So I went and search if it is possible to set the screen to a lower resolution without distortion but without success. Just yesterday, i was playing with the personalization (accessible via Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display), i saw Change the size of all items defined to medium (125%).

I went and configure it to large (maximum setting) and proceed to restart the machine. Viola, the display is now enlarged by almost 2x (i think) and it’s as good as (or probably much better) looking at the desktop.

Do try it out if you happen to search for a solution for the screen resolution.

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