Sony Vaio Pro Screen Flickering

I have gotten my laptop, Sony Vaio Pro, all the way from Amazon US. I have been wanting to create some post on it but couldn’t find some time to fit in my busy schedule just yet. I will post it hopefully before the year ends.

Been using it for awhile now, while it has been doing pretty awesome for me, there are some slight issues with it here and there. One of it is with the screen. It flickers occasionally and it happens when the power cable was unplugged. It didnt happen if the power source is on.

I’ve searched around and manage to find out having lowered the screen refresh rate would help in which, it did for me. Another setting which might also contributes the issue is the power options. You might want to configure it to “High Performance”. In case you have the auto-brightness detect option turned on, it could also be another culprit that keeps your screen flicker.

Hope those helps!

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