Sonija Kwok will spend Mid-Autumn with her Pets

Moses Chan and Sonija Kwok took part in an event distributing mooncakes to elderly people living alone yesterday and Sonija pointed out that she does not have a date: "I am filming every day, so I don’t get spotted by anyone!" She says she does not feel pitiful for not having a boyfriend because she has her mother and her cats and dogs to keep her company. Moses was asked if he would be spending the festival with Bernice Liu and he said: "When we are working, there is no difference on a holiday. (Will you have a lightning wedding?) No, I am very traditional and I have to meet the parents first. (You have both met the other’s parents. Did your mother praise her?) She has always praised her, every mother would praise her." After saying this, Moses blushed and asked the reporters to let him go.

Showing her lovingness, Sonija and her mother visited a pet shop earlier, where she played with the cats and showed her innocence for a moment in her joy.

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