Sonija Kwok Losing Weight, Roger Kwok Kisses Shirley Yeung while filming ‘Curious Detective’

Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok were filming in Happy Valley yesterday for new series "Curious Detective", but they were in separate scenes and when Roger finished, it was Sonija’s turn. Sonija’s scene tells of her chasing Wong Ching, but her car is driven away by Roger, so she has to borrow a Rolls Royce from someone to continue the chase.

Sonija smiles: "This is the first time I have driven such a large vintage car, but after trying it, I have found it not too difficult to drive." As she plays a very rough and tumble police officer in the show, then not only does she have to speak very loudly, she also has plenty of chasing and running scenes, so after just a few days of filming, she has found that she has lost some weight. She says: "After filming a chasing scene, I am worn out the following day, so being a fighting star is not easy at all. (You once said that you would like to be an action actress, have you changed your mind now?) I don’t mind, the most important thing is for someone to ask me to play the role."

Roger took a little rest after lunch as he did not have to film again until the evening. In the show, he will be a couple with Sonija and asked whether they will have a kiss scene, he smiles: "The scripts have not come out yet, but I have been kissing Shirley Yeung in the dark in our recent movie shoot. (What do you mean ‘in the dark’?) Because the light was running out, so we had to film quickly and we had to kiss three or four times." As this series has just started filming, Roger will not be able to spend Christmas with his wife. He smiles: "Not just Christmas, I cannot even be with her on the 16th, which is her birthday. (Will you buy her a bigger present?) Usually I give her birthday present together with her Christmas present, so it will be bigger, but this year I plan to just give her the money, because she wants to study nutrition an supporting her financially will be better. (You have separate bank accounts?) No, we share our money, but she does not know how to invest, so all the investment and money management is left up to me. (Do you have time?) I just invest in trust funds and blue chip companies, so it doesn’t take too much time. (Have you invested in property?) No, I feel that one property is enough."

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