Sonija Kwok Falls for Chen Kun All Over Again; ‘The Conquest’ aka ‘Warlords’ to Air in HK

TVB’s new historical drama "Warlords" will be airing in Hong Kong from next Monday and the leading cast members from the show including Sonija Kwok, Joe Ma, mainland actor Chen Kun and Power Chan took part in a press conference to promote the show yesterday. As well as the cast sharing their memories from filming, a special preview of the first episode was also shown. During the event, Sonija and Chen seemed to be very friendly and even hugged each other in public. On the other hand, there was a marked lack of communication between Sonija and rumoured boyfriend Joe Ma. After the event, she rushed off and did not join Joe and the others for the meal.

In response to being asked about the hug with Chen, Sonija explained that they have not seen each other for a while and smiled: "Our characters are lovers and we were in each others company for three months during filming, so it was good fun. (How do you feel after seeing him again?) He is still as handsome and we do look quite alike, especially with our long hair loose, we do look very much the same. (Is there a chance of developing [a relationship]?) I don’t know! (Will you show him around and take him shopping?) He will be leaving today (Wednesday). (Is that a shame?) We will see if we can work together again in the future. He is very handsome though. (Is he your type?) It is hard to say, he is a good actor." Asked why she did not speak to Joe very much, she smiled: "Yes, I did. You just didn’t see me. I did not avoid him and I hope you will not exaggerate this and focus on the series promotion." As for why she seemed a little tired, she says that she has been filming for "Curious Detective" which has been hard work, so when she left her home yesterday morning, her mother said she would have soup ready when she gets home.

Chen Kun is on a whistle-stop tour of Hong Kong before flying back to the mainland and talking of Sonija’s comments about them looking alike, he agrees and says that she is very lovable when she smiles. He also adds that during filming, because the area was quite rural, then all they did in their spare time was chat and eat junk food. Does he have the chance to develop a relationship with Sonija? He says: "No chance. (Why so definite?) Because the series is over! When I am filming and I love Xishi, then I will love her 100%, but after filming, I know that a beautiful girl like her will have a lot of people in pursuit." Asked of his expectations for this series, he says that the show has been aired for two months now in the mainland at the 8pm slot and as the show progressed, there were more and more commercials, so it proves that a lot of people were watching and so he hopes it will have the same effect in Hong Kong.

Joe was asked why he did not chat to Sonija and he immediately denied this saying: "What? We did." He also says that he has not seen Chen for a while, so he was especially happy. As for what his hopes are for the show, he says that the series means a lot to him because he was working with a lot of mainland actors in the production and this was a big challenge for his own acting. He hopes that this will give a fresh impression of him to the viewers.

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