Song Seung Heon : “Would like to play a rough role in new piece.”

Hallyu Star Song Seung Heon says his returning role will be either a gang member or detective.

In an exclusive interview with Sankei Sportrs on the 22nd, he commented, "I would like to play a role that is different from ‘Autumn Fairy Tale’ and ‘Summer Scent’ where the character holds sorrow inside but is strong on the outside, a character that is somewhat rough character who is either a member of a gang, or a detective."

Song Seung Heon who has played a caring male character as in ‘Autumn Fairy Tale’ also commented, "I don’t know how Japanese fans would accept a new role I will be trying for the first time, but I believe they will understand me as an actor trying different roles. And though the type of role I want is important, the scenario and overall completeness of the piece is the most important and that is because I want to continue to try various roles in the future. I have been carefully reviewing scenarios ever since I was discharged for the army."

Also, "I hope cultural exchange between Korea and Japan increases. There are many great actors in Japan and I would like to have the opportunity to work with them. I will focus on acting from now on. I feel great joy in seeing people moved by the roles I play, and have come to think that acting is the job of my life."

Meanwhile, the DVD of the Asia Fan Meeting held in November was released on the 14th selling 12,000 copies, and a DVD of the first Japanese fan meeting held at the Saitama Super Arena in June will be released on the 17th. Also, a Song Seung Heon photo exhibit will be held until the 27th of this month at Mitsuzakaya of Ginza, and the CS Fuji Channel will be broadcasting Song Seung Heon’s Japan visit on the 9th of next month.

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