Song Seung Heon fan meeting, over 4,000 Japanese fans register in first 3 days

Over 4,000 participants have registered for a fan meeting, which is the first official event Song Seung Heon is taking part in after his discharge from the Korean military in November.

The ‘Asia Fan Meeting 2006’ will take place at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena on the 18th and 19th, which follows after Song Seung Heon’s discharge date of November 15th.

When registrations were accepted first in Japan through Song Seung Heon’s official Japanese fan club, 4,000 people registered in the first three days.

Personnel of Union Entertainment, the company producing this event, commented, “Currently we are only accepting registrations in Japan, but will be opening registration to Korea and other countries throughout Asia based on schedules starting at the end of this month.”

At the November fan meeting, the Song Seung Heon Japan Official Fan Club, the Korean fan club ‘Heonirang,’ and fans from seven different countries throughout Asia will gather to celebrate Song Seung Heon’s discharge and cheer him on for his activities from then after.

A concert will also be held with performances of theme songs from television series Song Seung Heon has starred in.

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