Song Il Kook and Jang Jin Young to star in 12 billion won blockbuster ‘Angel’

Song Il Kook of ‘Jumong’ and screen star ‘Jang Jin Young’ were cast as the lead characters of the blockbuster SBS drama series ‘Angel’ with a budget of 12 billion won. The series which is scheduled to air in September will start filming in New York on the 21st.

The 24 episode ‘Angel’ draws the story of lobbyists who have a seemingly extravagant life but encounter the cruelties in achieving their purpose on the job. The love story will mix in to story line filled with international politics, black market weapon deals, and political conspiracies lobbyists are involved with.

Song Il Kook who has risen to national stardom through the series ‘Jumong’ will play Harry who matures through working in the military supply business. Jang Jin Young will be returning to the TV screen after focusing on movies since 2001 and will play the role of Maria who becomes a lobbyist to solve the mystery of her sister’s death.

Along with the two, Han Jae Seok will play the lobbyist Kang Jae Hyeok who always encounters conflicts between money and power while Yoo Seon will play Eva, a Korean-American who is an officer of the department of intelligence in the U.S. Navy. Kim Mi Sook and Heo Joon Ho amongst others will also join the cast.

‘Angel’ will be written by Choi Wan Gyu who is known for the strong storylines in ‘Jumong,’ ‘Heo Joon,’ and ‘All In,’ along with Joo Chan Ohk who will be in charge of the delicate melodrama side of the story.

With Song Il Kook signing the final contract on the 20th, ‘Angel’ has completed everything necessary in pre-production and will start filming in New York on the 24th with Jang Jin Young followed by Song Il Kook who will join on the 26th.

The crew will film in the U.S. for approximately 50 days in New York, Washington, Atlanta, and other cities followed by on location filming in Kyrgyzstan.

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