Sneak Peek at New ATV series for 2007

"Happy for 10 Years" ??????
Cast: Hawick Lau Hoi Wai, Patricia Lau Cheuk Kei

Hawick Lau and Patricia Liu reunite onscreen after "Relentess Justice" (aka "No Turning Back"). In new series, "Happy for 10 Years," their moving love story warms the hearts of audiences.

Parents love their children unconditionally. If they know that their parental roles only have a limited life, how would they treat their relationship with their young loved ones?

Hawick and Patricia’s characters have known each other since childhood and due to an unplanned pregnancy, the couple marry at a young age. Although they live in poverty after their marriage, the birth of their child brings them infinite happiness.

Sadly, their 3 year old son is diagnosed with hereditary heart disease and is expected to only live for 10 years. Young and inexperienced parents, Hawick and Patricia, are forced to face pain and loss….

In the end, Hawick and Patricia’s young son dies…. But his birth was a gift from heaven, as it taught the young married couple to cherish life and love, as well as face the future bravely.

"Dog Pal" ??????
Cast: Yuen Man Kit and Pinky Cheung

Pets are usually not simply pets, but serve as a bridge linking people together. "Dog Pal" will reveal the training process of the canine police force and beauty tips for dogs, combining entertainment and information in one package.

Yuen Man Kit’s character grew up amongst a family of women. Originally a customs officer, he transfers to the canine training unit instead. He becomes the bully object of the intelligent and sensitive female dog, Shirmei.

Luckily, pet store owner, Pinky Cheung, intervenes and improves the relationship between man and dog. Yuen Man Kit falls for Pinky, but she does not return his feelings, causing him much heartbreak.

During a police operation, Shirmei injuries a criminal and as punishment, is ordered to be put to sleep. Yuen Man Kit and Pinky put in their best efforts to save Shirmei’s life and in the process, realize who they truly love.

Cast: Lau Nam Kwong, Teresa Mak Ka Kei, Chan Chin Pang, Lulu Ng

Seasoned vampire actor, Lau Nam Kwong, Teresa Mak, and Chan Chin Pang recreate the popularity of vampire series once again. Pitting traditional Chinese vampire slayer tactics against the westernized practices of female excorcist team, Teresa and Lulu, this series creatively combines comedy, horror and mystery, drawing in the audience successfully.

Many generations ago, a group of pirates fought to death over a buried treasure. The legend of the lost treasure and its curse was passed on over the years and re-emerged once again in pre-modern times. Lau Nam Kwong and Teresa learn of the legend of the lost treasure and after an initial misunderstanding, work togeter as ideal partners, combining the methods of traditional Chinese vampire slaying with westernized exorcist practices.

However, what are the secrets to Lau and Teresa’s true identities? As the clues to the lost pirate treasure are revealed, many dangers and thrilling adventures await them….

Refilming a Classic, "Alligator’s Tears" ?????

Cast: Kenneth Chan Kai Tai, Ricky Chan Bo Yuen, Teresa Mak Ka Kei, Bao Hei Ching, Gabriel Harrison Hoi Chun Kit, Patricia Liu Cheuk Kei

"Alligator’s Tears" was voted by audiences as ATV’s most popular series from the last 50 years. The series was originally broadcast in the 1970’s and was extremely well-received at the time. Thirty years later, ATV has decided to refilm this series with a refreshing cast. Reinventing a classic, this series will attract a new wave of television fans.

The plot centers around a young intelligent reporter, Lui Man Chun (Kenneth Chan?), who believes in truth in journalism reporting. He reunites with the sweetheart of his dreams, Ai Lin (Teresa Mak?) and love sparks take place between the two. However Ai Lin is already engaged and decides to return to her fiance.

Man Chun’s idealistic approach to journalism directly clashes with the company’s profit-driven motives. Despite his honest and true efforts, he is finally fired from the newspaper.

Facing misfortune in both his love life and career, Man Chun’s personality undergoes a dramtic change. He decides to recapture all his losses regardless of questionable means.

On the surface, it appears as if Man Chun’s life and assets skyrocket, but he realizes that his life is also headed towards an abyss filled with greed. Turning back now may already be too late….

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