Singers Gather For 2006 Chik Chak Voting Event

Yesterday night, the top 5 male, female, and group singers gathered together for the 2006 Chik Chak voting event. Those that appeared were Eason Chan, Denise Ho, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Twins, Leo Ku, and Kay Tse. At this event, each singer had 1 minute to campaign for votes from the public. At the end, each singer voted for their favorite campaign. The singer who receives the most votes gets $50,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

Joey and Twins each had props for their campaigns. Joey’s campaign featured numerous children singing her song, ????. Twins decided to go for a cheerleader type campaign featuring grass balls (?), unfortunately, the grass got tangled together, with the help of Joey they finally got the grass untangled and they continued to campaign. Twins’ campaign caused a funny atmosphere.

Miriam among others did not have props. Miriam spoke instead, she said "I’m confident in Janice and Kay, Kay is a very honest person and I wish her the best of luck." Her speech took no more than 30 seconds so Miriam laughed while saying, "Eason is known for being long-winded, so I will give him my extra 30 seconds." Leo and Justin followed Miriam and gave their extra time to Eason.

With the extra time Eason received from Miriam, Leo, and Justin, Eason had a total of 3 minutes to campaign for himself. However, he did not use these 3 minutes to sell himself. Instead, he used it to campaign for his 4 opponents. He first thanked Miriam for her extra time and then went on to say, "Thank you for your affection. I will first campaign for Hacken, vote for him, his vibrato sounds very good; vote for Leo, his falsetto is very high; vote for Justin, his lips are very "do" (the literal translation for "do" is toot or ‘honk’ which doesn’t make any sense); vote for Hins, he puts a lot of effort into making music. I have three minutes, but I do not have much to say. It doesn’t matter if you vote for me or not, I will perform a movement to show my sincerity." He then laid on his back and performed an ‘Ng Kung Dan’ ??? (literally, centipede bounce).

Once the singers’ votes were counted, Eason emersed as "the king of votes." His charity, for Blindess in Austria, received $50,000. Afterwards, Eason says many artist had props but he didn’t, and he received votes because he had 3 minutes instead of 1 minute.

Earlier, Leo announced that he has confidence that Eason will win gold and he would win silver for best male singer (at Chik Chak) and was asked, at this event, if he changed his mind. He responds, "No, I am still confident that I will win silver. It is not that I don’t have confidence in myself, I just have confidence that Eason will win gold. If things work out, I hope Justin will win bronze."

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