Singapore: Chen Guilin/Gary Ng 507 homemade sex video

If you thought the drama for the whole episode of Edison Chen was gross, then you have yet to know the recent Singaporea Gary Ng, who made himself to fame with recent reports on newspaper of his homemade sex.

The issue came to light when his ex-GF made a police report against him. Apparently, he have uploaded and shared some of his homemade sex clips on his blog (which should be circulating around the net right now). And, on top of that, it was reported some of the girls were WILLINGLY to be recorded in which shocked me. But that is just me. I came across a blog which shared the clip and I did not bother to download it. It’s tagged under “Gary Ng Sex Scandal Video: Sg 32C Accountant” and is in .WMV format. Leave a comment if you have watched it.

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