Show Luo’s Endorsement for Lay’s

Show “Xiao Zhu” Luo’s sky rocketing popularity earned him many endorsements, other than Taiwanese company invitations, he also received a continental Asian endorsement! Lay’s company caught their eyes on Show Luo’s “expertise” appearance, and cordially invited him to be Lay’s Asia’s spokesperson.

This new commercial was filmed in Taipei suburban area, where a typhoon rolled in in the afternoon, high winds and heavy rain – the whole package, luckily this time they were filming indoors. The usually more hip-hop styled Show Luo was dressed up very classy and was dancing a challenging ballroom dance piece. He jolted both the camera and the female co-star of the commercial with his charm. This style is a break from most of Show’s past appearances. This wave of “Lay’s ‘ Expertise Enjoyment'” commercials is said to air on October 11th on all main tv stations!

In his previous album, Show Luo established a “Heavenly King” status for himself, and accumulated his popularity amongst the public. This allowed him to be spokesperson for one of the biggest plans he’s ever endorsed. Show excitedly expressed, “I’m really, really happy. I hope that every has seen my hard work, and hope that through this continental endorsement, more of my fans will be able to see my performance.”

Show’s been most confident in the field of dance, so whether it’s filming his own music video or commercial, he never misses the chance to dance and appeal to the audience.
In the commercial, they carefully chose an 18-year old female co-star to do the ballroom dance with Show. The always assiduous Show Luo arrived at the studio exceptionally early to practice some dancing with the choreographer and dancers. He also very thoughtfully helped the female co-star with the dance to help develop some chemistry between them for the commercial. Although the two people started out stepping on each other’s feet, and a few complicated (and dangerous) twirls and spins almost got the two colliding into each other, but because Show Luo has a very good dance background, he was able to overcome that little obstacle and swiftly started to film.

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