Shooting Starts for Jay Chou’s New Movie

Taiwan pop star Jay Chou’s new movie "Slam Dunk" started shooting on Sunday in Shanghai.

Charlene Choi, of the Hong Kong pop duo Twins, will team up with Chou to play a couple in this light comedy, which is centered around basketball.

The producers had asked NBA basketball star Yao Ming to play a role in the movie but his recent injury has put his participation in doubt.

"Slam Dunk" features a plot similar to "Shaolin Soccer," which starred Stephen Chow. The heroes of both movies are good at their respective sports and highly trained in Chinese martial arts.

The movie is scheduled for release in 2008, when the summer Olympics will be held in Beijing. The movie’s producers and distributors are placing a lot of emphasis on movies with sports themes.

Other well-known actors like Berlin Chan, Eric Tsang and Jacky Wu will also appear in the movie.

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