Shirley Yeung: “The Future is a Blank Piece of Paper”,

TVB’s new series, “A Change of Destiny” starring Steven Ma Chun Wai, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Benny Chan Ho Man, and Selena Li centers around the startling book, “Chinese Prophecy” 《推背圖》, which has been the most accurate prophecy book to predict the destiny of China over the last several hundred years.

Shirley said, “I have heard of ‘Chinese Prophecy’ before filming ‘A Change of Destiny.’ The Chinese people possessed incredible intelligence and foresight into the future to produce a book containing such accurate prophecies.”

Does Shirley want to predict the future and change her own fate? “I want to know the future too. ‘Chinese Prophecy’ utilizes only several diagrams and characters to hint at future events.

“However changing one’s destiny is more difficult, but it is good to have advance warning in significant events. The future is similar to a blank piece of paper. Your destiny is dependent on how you react to certain events and how ‘you draw your life’ on the piece of paper.”

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