Shirley Yeung, Sonijia Kwok & Joe Ma – TVB’s ‘Three Frozen Pals’

Shirley Yeung and Tracy Ip appeared in cheerleader costumes for a fashion show. It has been reported that TVB will be dumping Shirley in Hunan for one month to participate in a dancing competition. Shirley has also joined Sonijia Kwok and Joe Ma to be called the ‘three frozen pals’. Regarding such rumours, Shirley commented, “What an unusual name! Actually, I have been working all along and the company would not want an artist to not work. My recent exposure in the media is quite good. I also do not agree of being ‘dumped’ because I will in Hunan for only two weeks before returning to Hong Kong. Plus, nine other colleagues are going with me. By participating in this competition, mainland audiences will be able to know me better.”

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