Shirley Yeung Reveals Steven Ma has a Female Visitor to Set

Shirley Yeung and Steven Ma were invited onto a CRHK radio show for an interview yesterday and Shirley suddenly revealed that whilst they were filming earlier, Steven had a pretty girl visiting him on the set and bringing him Turtle Herb Jelly, so it seems that Steven has a new love in his life. When asked about this further, Steven seemed a little embarrassed and hesitant, saying that even if he was dating, he would not reveal it.

Steven worked together with Shirley in "The Brink of Law" which is currently airing and Shirley revealed that during filming, she noticed a pretty girl visiting him. Shirley says she does not know the girl, but she is very respectable. She did not show any intimate behaviour with Steven, so it seems they are just friends. Asked about this, Steven said she was just a friend and of course she is respectable. For people to visit him on set is a very ordinary occurrence. When the reporters pushed the point that to visit them at work, then this person must be quite close, he looked over at Shirley and laughed: "This is all your fault!" Steven insists he is not embarrassed, but as she is from outside the industry, then the less he says, the better. Asked if he will keep this relationship underground, he feels that until a relationship reaches the final stage then there is no point in saying too much. When the time comes to get married, then he will go public, but he will not talk about dating.

Shirley realised she had said too much and tried to make things up by pointing out that she has only seen the girl once and she does not feel that Steven is always on the phone. Steven smiled as he said to Shirley: "And I look after you so well." Shirley was very apologetic to Steven and said: "I know." Steven says that she didn’t mean it though, so he will not be mad at her.

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