Shirley Yeung Prepares $10 million diamonds for Anniversary

TVB’s Anniversary Awards ceremony will be taking place this evening and the extravaganza will take place on 19th. For her attendance at these star-studded events, Shirley Yeung has taken some time out to visit her sponsors 3-D Gold to try on three sets of diamond jewellery, worth a total of $10 million. Afterwards, Shirley indicates her favourite was the second set, entitled ‘Spring Beauty’ that features multicoloured precious stones. She also liked the final set, which looked very pure, even though it had a lot of diamonds set into it. For her outfit, she has called upon the services of local designer Barney Cheng and the styling is a little alluring to show off her great figure.

At this year’s awards, Shirley has been nominated for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in "The Biter Bitten" and ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in "Always Ready". However, she is leaving the results down to destiny and she feels that to be nominated already makes her very happy. Asked which series she preferred, she says that she really likes her role in "Always Ready" because the character was a disabled person and without the expressions through body language, she had to convey her role through dialogue and expression alone, so this was quite challenging.

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