Shirley Yeung Loosens the Purse Strings for Mothers Day

Known for being filial, Shirley Yeung took part in a Mothers Day event yesterday and learned how to make a Korean dish for her mother. Shirley reveals that she has already taken her mother out for dinner and gave her a gift of perfume. She has also been photographed shopping in a designer story with her mother and asked if she is being a little more generous with her mother, she smiles: “If my mother likes it then I don’t mind. I just spend what I need to and I do pay more attention now to designer labels, so if my work needs it, I will buy them. I hope that I can make it up by shooting more ads in the future.” Shirley also reveals that she has not celebrated with her boyfriend’s mother yet and asked if she has given a present, she stopped and said: “I am not talking about this now.”

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