Shirley Yeung in Enticing Gold Bra

Since Ella Koon’s incident, there has been some concern amid the female celebrities, but for Shirley Yeung, she seemed fearless as she attracted the crowds at a fashion event earlier, showing her chest and a gold bra.

Guest modelling alongside Ana R and Rosemary at Italian brand iBLUES Autumn/Winter event, Shirley’s look appeared to be the sexiest of the evening as she wore a black seethrough top and a gold bra that peeped out from her top that had just arrived by air from Italy two hours previously.

The event was held at an open air restaurant in Pacific Place and many onlookers gathered around to watch and take photographs. During the interview, there were still many people trying to get close, but they were kept away by the PR staff and Shirley escaped safely. Asked if she was worried about being assaulted, she said: "I have done swimsuit shows before and this time I look more mature. I am not afraid, there is sufficient security at the venue. (Will you get even more sexy?) It depends on the event, beauty is more important." As Shirley left, many men chased alongside to try and take her photograph.

Shirley has been nominated this year for the Best Female Artiste and Best Female Supporting Actress at TVB’s anniversary awards, but she was not in the prime position at the earlier lighting up ceremony. She says: "The position does not represent anything, my place was alright." she also says she is confident about winning the supporting actress award because her character was a disabled person and although the part was not very big, it was very memorable, so she is quite confident.

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