Shinhwa, Concludes Asia Tour with Concert in Japan

The popular group Shinhwa concludes their 8th album Asia Tour with the concert in Japan.

Shinhwa will be holding concerts on the 24th and 26th at Tokyo’s Bodukan and Osaka Castle Hall under the title ‘Shinhwa 2006 Japan Tour Insipiration #1.’

These concerts are to commemorate their first full album ‘Inspiration #1’ released in Japan. Shinhwa members will be performing songs from the album as well as holding solo stages.

Shinhwa’s member Jeon Jin will be releasing a solo single in October and will perform the song from his upcoming album ‘Sarangi Oji Anayoh (Love is not coming)’.

Andy will perform the rap of ‘Girls Exclusive’ from Shinhwa’s Japanese album while Shin Hye Seong will sing ‘Keep Holding U’ as a duet with Sun Min which is also the theme song of the movie ‘Sinking of Japan.’

Kim Dong Wan will sing ‘Cry Sour Grape’ which was performed recently at the Busan concert, and Lee Min Woo will be singing ‘Battle’ along with ‘Let me love you’ and ‘Bump’ from his second solo album. Eric will be focusing on team performances.

The upcoming stages were planned by Japan’s largest event planning company ‘Udo’ which has also staged foreign artists such as Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Black Eyed Peas. Renown system companies such as ‘Shimizu’ and ‘Hibino’ amongst others have also participated.

Lyn who is also a member of Good Entertainment Media Group, Shinhwa’s agency, will appear as a guest.

With two concerts held in Seoul on may 13th and 14th, Shinhwa began the ‘2006 Shinihwa Asia Tour’ of their 8th album with performances on July 8th in Shanghai, July 15th in Busan, August 19th in Thailand, and September 10th in Singapore.

Shinhwa will be leaving for Japan on the 23rd.

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