Shin Hye-sung’s First Tour

Singer Shin Hye-sung, a member of the pop band Shinhwa who is also performing solo these days, will participate in a friendship concert in Ho Chi Minh July 3rd, marking 15 years of Korea-Vietnam diplomatic ties.

The large scale concert aimed at expanding bilateral cultural exchange will gather together top Vietnamese singers and representative Korean performers Kang Ta, Seo Ji-yeong, and b-boy Poppin Hyun-joon.

The local media is taking particular interest in Shin, who is visiting the Southeast nation for the first time. Vietnam reportedly boasts a high number of Shinhwa fans.

Shin is well recognized in Japan through previous visits. He took part in the Hallyu Romantic Festival 2007 in Saitama, Japan on June 23.

His second solo album, to be released August 8, comes 2 years and 3 months since his last album. Upon its release, he will hold concerts in Korea and Japan.

Shin’s first solo concert “Shin Hye-sung’s First Tour” will be held in Seoul Aug. 11-12 and in Japan Aug. 23-29.

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