Sheren Tang & Roger Kwok On Polishing Their Acting Skills

Sheren Tang Shui Man and Roger Kwok Chun On appeared at a Lantern Festival event in Shanghai yesterday. They performed a rendition of the classic Chinese opera, 天仙配.

Sheren revealed that her mature acting skills were derived from her former romantic relationships. "After experiencing several different relationships, I am able to grasp the emotions of each of my characters. My past experiences have added to the ‘gold-making’ process. With increased practice, the results will turn into gold!"

Sheren is currently filming "The Drive of Life." Sheren spoke highly of co-star Michael Miu Kiu Wai, "I look upon him as my husband now. I think he can sense it too, which is why he gave me a lucky packet during New Year. Perhaps it is a lucky packet a man gives to one’s wife!"

Since "Square Pegs," Roger Kwok’s acting career reached a peak. Roger laughed that "the peach has ripened" and now was his golden era! Roger also quoted Chow Chun Fat that it takes 10 years to become a true actor. Roger now believes in the truth in this statement.

Regarding his new marriage to Cindy Au Sin Yee, Roger said, "Cindy and I are very happy now. However since we are newlyweds, there are still many things for us to learn. Since marriage, we have not had any major arguments."

In recent years, Roger has been working non-stop. But this Lunar New Year, he took time off to spend the holiday with Cindy. Roger was happy giving out red envelopes this year. "I didn’t calculate how much the lucky packets cost, but the most important thing is that they make everyone happy!"

On the 2nd day after New Year’s, Roger went to visit his in-laws. "Cindy’s parents are very generous. Although Cindy and I got married, her parents still gave us lucky packets. I married the right woman after all!"

Roger expressed interest in having a baby in the year of the pig. "But it is best to let things run their natural course. Cindy is still young, so we can take it slowly and have many kids!"

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