Sheren Tang Leads the Housewives against “Heart of Greed”,

Sheren Tang’s new series “The Family Link” will begin airing on Monday, but as she is currently visiting Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand on a gospel tour, she will not be able to join in the promotional activities. However, her trip has been cut short and she plans to return to Hong Kong on 21st, where she will take part in further promotional activities and she hopes to see what reviews her first role as a housewife will have.

Sheren says happily: “I am very happy on this gospel tour because my parents and my cousins totalling 11 people have come out to see me and it has been many years since we were all together.” Talking of many viewers having good expectations after watching the promotional clips from “Family Link”, the cameraderie of the housewives should lead to a rise in ratings. Asked what her target ratings are, Sheren says she has never really paid much attention to ratings. She says that she hopes to convey the hardships of the housewives and find some recognition for them, so she hopes that after the show has been aired, the title of ‘housewife’ will be a beautiful thing.”

As for the ratings of “Heart of Greed” building up some ratings hype, with many citizens discussing the storylines after dinner, is Sheren afraid of being compared? She smiles lightly: “This is the executives’ business, different shows will have different strengths and the most important things are the reviews. If the show is not good, then no matter how much you promote it, the viewers will still not watch.” She says that her mother has been avidly watching “Heart”, praising Lee Si Keiand Michelle Yim for their great performances.

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