Sheren Tang Doesn’t Mind Being Round in Middle Age

The 2007 Fur Federation Design Competition took place earlier and Sheren Tang appeared as the presentation guest and helped model the designs alongside Xiong Dailin, Christine Au Yeung, Eunis Chan and Sophie Rahman.

There have been reports that Sheren has put on some weight recently and that her big bottom has appeared and when she heard this, she laughed out loud and thanks the media for the attention they are paying to her. She admits that she had to put some weight on when she was filming earlier for "The Family Link" (aka ‘Housewife Army’) and she indicates that being boney and skinny is not necessarily beautiful. She feels that if you have a more rounded body, you give people the impression that you are happier. She will soon be filming a swimsuit scene and when asked if she will be wearing a bikini, she says: "Of course not, if I have to wear a bikini, I would be making a huge sacrifice for my art and the outcome would be very terrifying." Sheren enjoyed the time when she was putting on the weight and she says she loves to eat. Moreover she had the sponsorship from a slimming company afterwards, so she could eat as much as she wanted.

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