Sheren Tang Celebrates Birthday with Roger Kwok

Earlier Sheren Tang Shui Man and Roger Kwok Chun On attended a promotional event in Shanghai together. Since the event also coincided with Sheren’s birthday, a surprise birthday party was arranged by Sheren’s assistant.

"When we got off the flight that day, there were already fans following us. I didn’t realize at the time that my assistant had invited them to my surprise birthday party."

"Although Roger and I have known each other for over a decade, it has been many years since our last collaboration. This year’s birthday gave me a unique feeling!"

Sheren normally does not follow celebratory traditions. In the last few years, several friends had wanted to celebrate her birthday, but she turned them down. Instead, Sheren chose to go to the movies by herself.

"As an actress, I have to work with a large group of people on a daily basis. On my birthday, I just want to do something which I enjoy myself."

Does Sheren look forward to having a boyfriend? "No, there are many other things which I would like to accomplish. A romantic relationship is at the bottom of my list!"

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