S.H.E. Talks About Previous Love Experiences

S.H.E. was on the show "?????" and talked about their previous love experiences. Selina, with the preparations of producers, chose her favorite "electrifying" man, Hebe is more straightforward and talked about sending love letters with pictures, and Ella talked about how there were sparks when she kissed Blue Lan Zeng Lung on screen. Even though she won’t continue offscreen, but she still has a some fear on Barbie Xu’s show!

Hebe said when she’s in a relationship, she’s easily influenced and will get crazy in love. She said that she won’t wrote a love letter to the boy she liked, and even put in a picture of herself, but unebelievably, she wrote the wrong address, and the letter was returned. Her mom got the letter, opened it and read it. But she didn’t know until she was older, after she entered the entertainment business, then her mother told her: "Your love letter from years ago, actually, I took it!"

Selina said that she’s been forced to stop relationships. Once when she was still in school, one time when she was walking with the boy she liked, her dad drove by and saw. At night at home, her dad got so angry he walked out of the house to clear his head. Selina said that once she’s tried to get a boy who was about to break up with her, she kneeled on the ground begging him to take her back.

Ella, the most experienced idol-drama actress, has been publicized as someone who’s easily sparked. She explained that she can’t help liking hot boys, but the spark feeling will only happen the first (onscreen) kiss. Afterwards, she won’t feel it anymore. Ella said that after the first onscreen kiss (with Blue Lan), she went on Barbie Xu’s show, and she was super scared and nervous. But because Hebe said, "Why are you nervous? Do you think you have special access now?" making Ella more awkward and embarassed.

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