S.H.E and Andy Lau in Olympic Beijing

Earlier S.H.E brought Selina’s parents and Ella’s second sister to Beijing and attended the Olympics Opening Ceremony together. They kept exclaiming [This is so astonishing], [That is incredibly spectacular], [I had goosebumps the whole night] as they watched. Even superstar Andy Lau turned into a tourist and kept taking pictures in front of the various Olympics venues.

On August 8, the day of the Opening Ceremony, S.H.E and their group lined up with others for security checks before entering the building. Because there were too many people wanting to take pictures with them, Selina’s father and Ella’s second sister had to act as personal bodyguards for them. When they arrived to their seats, they found on each seat an “Olympics Blessing Gift Bag” that included a flashlight, a shakedrum, a scarf and Olympic rings, etc. They jumped up and down and sang in their seats, yelling [Satay] when the Singaporean athletes entered the stadium and yelling [German Pork’s Feet] and [Beer] when the German athletes entered the stadium. Because Selina’s father’s birthday was on August 4 and the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony was on August 8, the purpose of this trip other than to fulfill a filial duty, it was also like a second honeymoon for Selina’s parents.

Because Andy Lau performed in the Opening Ceremony, he was honored to be at the [Bird’s Nest]. He arrived early for rehearsal on August 5 and like a tourist, took pictures in front of the [Bird’s Nest] and the National Aquatic Center. With regards to be able to participate in this great ceremony, he said: [It is fairly worthwhile, especially to be able to stand at the scene and watch the entirety of Li Ning running in space to finish the torch lighting ceremony. That was so admirable.]

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