Shawn Returns from Studying in NY, Theresa Gains Weight

Shawn Yue, Theresa Fu, Don Li, Sun Boy’z and Ankie were models at Wednesday night’s EDC Esprit Fashion Show.

Shawn was seen to look quite tired, he later explained that he had just returned from New York causing him to suffer from jet lag. The singer/actor disclosed that he had taken a short acting course and the lecturer of the course had also taught famous Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Next month, Shawn will begin filming a romance film directed by Jingle Ma. Shawn happily disclosed that as this is not an action film, he will be able to use his skills learnt from the course.

The weather in Hong Kong has been cold and windy, Theresa disclosed that her fortune bamboo was blown away by wind causing her to be afraid that this is a bad fortune omen. The singer then revealed that she has been busy composing songs and finishing her two latest books, which will be released at the Hong Kong Book Fair. Although being extremely busy, Theresa has gained weight, thankfully her friends have told her that she looks prettier. As she once was extremely skinny, her friends use to describe her figure as a ‘super airport’. When asked if her rich businessman boyfriend had also praised her, Theresa said that all her male friends had praised her.

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