Sharon Luk Says Stephen Huynh is very Gentle – Law Mong Wins Hollywood Contract

TVB Pearl has been airing the American series “Prison Break” and this has pulled in some excellent ratings. A special celebration was held pt mark this as the sponsors joined artistes at TVB City to mark the happy occasion. Before the event, MC Sharon Luk joined guests Master Lo Meng and EO2 in a blessing ceremony. Sharon revealed that she will become a prison officer at the celebration, with Master Lo as the governer to announce some new TVB series in the hope of attracting some new sponsorship.

Sharon will soon be making a guest appearance in a new series, working opposite Stephen Huynh. As there have been reports suggesting that Stephen is gay, Sharon says that she filmed a music video with him before and found him to be very gentle towards ladies and does not seem to be ‘brokeback’ in anyway. She also compliments him on his captivating eyes that should attract the affections of many ladies.

After many years in the movie and television industry, Master Lo has been spotted by an American producer after choreographing an action scene in a music video for an American band. He has since been offered a part in a movie at the end of the year. He will ne heading out to New York in September to take part in the official signing for the movie and to be presented with an award for his achievements. While he is there, he will also meet with his fans and says: “In the days of Shaw Brothers, I filmed a lot of movies and among them they really liked ‘Five Deadly Venoms’, so I have a group of fans. Now I am working hard at learning English and practising martial arts for when I meet them.”

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