Sexy Cooking From Joyce Chen and Akina Hong,

Joyce Chen, Akina Hong and Geena Cheung took part in a crab banquet event yesterday and gave a demonstration of their cooking skills as well as their singing skills. In the end Joyce’s team won the contest. Wearing a sexy seethrough strappy top yesterday, Joyce says that as her family have a restaurant and many of her friends can cook, then she rarely needs to cook for herself, but if she finds a partner, she will learn to cook for him.

Akina also rarely cooks and depends on her Philipino maid to cook for her. However she does have a special dish of Lotus Root with Vermicelli and when she cooked this on "Beautiful Cooking" earlier, even Eric Tsang praised her for it. Despite hosting many food programmes, Geena is a total novice at cooking and at yesterday’s event she was just responsible for the garnish. She says that her best dish is instant noodles and she once made this for a boy that she fancied, but after one mouthful, his comments made her cooking seem worthless and she has lost interest in cooking as a result.

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