Set TV intends to reign more by “bagging” Jerry Yan

The overseas market is certainly like a military battlefield. Jerry Yan’s well known popularity among the Chinese people comes out at the lighted ad billboards, and overseas rights selling like hotcakes. A current multi-range filming plan is already under way for him to act as the male lead. However, Jerry’s schedule is already "bagged" until the end of the year for World Vision International, and was forced to say," I’m sorry. I have no time now."

Set TV’s idol drama would exploit the foreign market. Assistant Executive Producer Su Li Mei came up with a long list which included Jerry Yan and Vaness Wu among their target.

It was earlier rumored that Su Li Mei was looking for Jerry to act in "Love Cupid" yet Jerry’s manager Jiang Yi Peng denied it and said that both parties had not even contacted each other and had not seen the script.

Jiang Yi Peng said that the only script in his hand right now is the "Basketball Fire" idol drama, the Tourism Office production. Until the end of the year, Jerry must personally go to different Asian countries to promote as World Vision Ambassador. Afterwards, he must also focus to the photoshooting for his Photobook, and really has no time. As for Jerry’s standards for his future TV series projects, Jiang Yi Peng said," His role in "The Hospital" was too heavy. Thus, he wishes that his next project will be a comedy."

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