Selina Sues False Accusation

Paparazzi magazine Yi Zhou Kan has published an article Selina Accepts Jiao Jiao’s Million Dollar Car. Today, Selina together with her father, Ren Ba and their lawyer opened a reporters conference in protest of the article and will be suing the magazine based on slander. Selina expressed: “I am a very optimistic person, though I get upset every time I read those false reports, I always tell myself that there will always be another bigger news that will cover my news. But this time, the report is a very big harm on my reputation and that is why I am taking action now. I want to tell all those who love me that I am not the kind of person that article/report portrayed me as.”

Her close sisters, Hebe & Ella both are supporting her as Selina protests. Hebe encouraged her through phone while Ella not only encouraged her on the site but also SMSed reporters to help support Selina. Selina felt touched as her eyes filled with tears.

Ren Family is Honest. Does Not Accept Expensive Gifts

Ren Ba said, the Entertainment Circle is supposed to be nosy with gossips. Ever since his daughter entered the Entertainment Circle six years ago, she had felt that she was wronged several times. The Ren Family has all along been honest, and also takes reputation in mind. My children have been taught from young not to accept anything that wasn’t earned. Recently, the report had suggested that my daughter Selina had accepted a gift, which is way opposite from the truth and that is why we have decided to strongly protest.

Selina also said that she had never accepted such expensive gifts from anyone and that afterall, she has the ability to purchase anything she desires. At most, she would only receive Ella & Hebe’s branded gifts – The report is way different from what the truth is. It had suggested that I am a woman who loves money. Not only did it smear my reputation and name, it also made me feel sorry towards my company and my parents whom have educated me well since young.

Before purchasing a car, Selina had initially been driving a very small car. After discussing with Ren Ba for a long time, she had decided that her driving skills were not good therefore buying a second hand car would be much better. Coincidently, good friend Huang Zi Jiao had wanted to change his car. Buying a second hand car from someone close would be safer therefore she made the decision to buy the second hand car from Jiao Jiao. Today, Selina’s lawyer presented a cert dated from the 13th of April to the 16th of April that Selina did indeed purchased the car using her mother’s name and that she had paid 90 thousand at Huang Zi Jiao’s office. Selina also said that Huang Zi Jiao’s car had been used for only a year therefore she had purchased it at 100 thousand where 90 thousand was for remittance and the other 10 thousand for repair. The white paper with blank inked words had proven that Selina had not received the car as a gift from Huang Zi Jiao. Ren Ba said: “It is because we have proof, that is why we decided to proceed with the suing in order to recover Selina’s reputation and name.

Collaboration with Wang Lee Hom. There Was No Personal Interaction

Regarding the article, Selina’s Affair With Wang Lee Hom, it had described it as a “Secret That Cannot Be Told.” It had reported that in order to sit together with Wang Lee Hom, Selina had especially exchanged seat tickets with someone else. Selina felt that this was ridiculous as she said that she had met Wang Lee Hom in the recording studio once and during the filming of the MV. The third time we met was during an awards ceremony. With the tickets we had, there were only three seats. When we had arranged our seat positions then only did Wang Lee Hom arrive. From whom did I exchange my tickets with? Selina also clarified that Wang Lee Hom is a very good person and that the both of them had a great time collaborating but also said that they have no actual interactions off screen and she does not even have his phone number.

Although false reports has been continuously running towards Selina, Huang Zi Jiao and Wang Lee Hom had felt that Selina has been emotionally hurt. However, Selina believes that making friends in the Entertainment Circle is not as easy therefore the pieces of false reports will not affect her friendship with Huang Zi Jiao. She would still be just like how everyone is, using the right attitude to make friends.

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