Selina purchases new home, Follows Xiao Zhu

Last month, 羅志祥 (Xiao Zhu) spent 40 million to buy a house. Coincidently, his rumored girlfriend Selina was also spotted to have bought a new house in the same area. But the record company denies this and only admitted that she went to see some houses.

SHE earned 1.27 million 2 years ago, and it went up to 2.47 million last year. In the past 2 years each person made an average of 1.25 million, so 2 years ago she bought a house for her parents and sister, and recently there are sources saying that she bought a house at this place that cost 50,000 per square foot. The one she bought is around 30sq.ft. so it is 1.5million.

Her record company denied that she did, but also mentioned that she cares about her privacy and purchasing homes is a very private thing. There’s no need to let the world know, but they did admit that she did go to look at many houses recently. Other than that, Xiao Zhu spent 100,000 in 14 days to hold a grand opening for the fashion store “Stage” that he invested in.

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