Selina in Tears, LeeHom Heart Broken

Earlier Selina was in tears after the media had made false reports of her for seducing Leehom. Yesterday said, it’s impossible for Selina to do that, Selina is a “water girl” 「水姑娘」; being written as such, he was really heart broken and guilty, because he did not have Selina’s telephone number, he had to go through Ella to comfort Selina.

Selina last week during the press conference, LeeHom himself was in the mainland shooting an advertisement, afterwards he saw the news of Selina sadly crying, he couldn’t help but feel the pain, Wang Lihong said: “Since the beginning of the idea of singing the duet with Selina, was his thoughts and invitation, during the interaction he discovered she’s really a lovable and innocent girl.”

The duet of Wang Lihong and the Selina’s song “you are in an my heart”, recently mounted tops for handset ringtone, Wang Lihong expressed thankfully to Selina, moreover, the television heavily played the McDonald’s advertisement “Huang Xian Hong”, Wang Lihong also heartully thankful for Karen Mok prouncing incorrectly at the Golden Music Awards.

LeeHom’s health has turned better, he was in a really good mood yesterday at the new MV filming set, he answered any media question with out hesitation, regarding rumours of Amei had suffered from deppression, he said he’s not aware of this matter, changing the subject started talking about him playing different characters at home, talking to himself, he said: [This type of situation has been ongoing for a few years, I use different tones to talk to myself, actually it can be quite lively by yourself at home, this can help train acting skills.]

Speaking of acting, LeeHom is very thankful to Ang Lee, he says: [Since the start of the production, the director has taught me acting, prounciation, calligraphy, doing speeches, body movements and different acting skills; that notebook is already filled up of all my notes.] Rumour says Ang Lee had put in a lot more effort and work on LeeHome than Tony Liang, LeeHom answers: [I don’t how much work director Lee has put on Tony Liang, but I know he has put alot on me.]

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