Selina & Ah Shin Plays Kissing – NG! NG! NG! Ella pulls Hebe to demonstrate

Singing new single, “Mayday”, S.H.E. also invited Mayday’s main singer Ah Shin to act as Selina’s love. The first kissing scene, both of them couldn’t kiss “on target”, they NGed 3 times. Only until Ella pulled Hebe and demonstrated did Ah Shin and Selina finish the scene. For this kiss scene, Selina specially went to Japan to study, and Ting Wen Chi reported that Selina who has been nicknamed “Ah Shin wife” is scared that best friend will be jealous.

After she reported to Mrs. Ren (Selena’s mother), Mrs. Ren exclaimed, “Very good! Need to show all the love feelings!” Which makes Selina can’t laugh and can’t cry saying, “Other celebrities mothers usually protect their daughters and tell them not to be scared of kissing scene. Why my mother want me to spill my love feelings!?” Ah Shin and Selina never had private interactions, and yesterday they had to do a kiss scene – the atmosphere was a bit akward.

At first, there was the scene were Ah Shin had to carry Selina on a bicycle, Ella and Hebe were on the side joking around, causing the atmosphere to be warmer. Only until they had to film the scene with the kiss, Selina nervously started to grab drinks, keeping her breath smelling fresh. After overcoming the shyness, the director begged Selina to make the first move, causing her to yell: “I’ve never initiated in my life, don’t make my life difficult!” There was a bit of a feeling when Selina and Ah Shin touched shoulders and held hands, but when they connected eyes, Selina finally gathered up her courage and moved foward, and the glasses-wearing Ah Shin finally counter-acted, took off his glasses, which startled Selina, and they kissed, except they missed, so they had to NG and start again. On the third try, Ella couldn’t watch anymore, so she grabbed Hebe and became her own director and demonstrated how to act. Selina and Ah Shin deligiently watched, and after that, only needed one more shot to make the scene okay.

As about the feelings with lips, Selina praised: “Ah Shin has really soft lips.” Ah Shin expressed that he didn’t know there was a kiss scene until he got on-set, otherwise he would have tried to get into the character at home, eaten vegetarian for three days before coming to kiss.

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