Selina Accepts Million Dollar Car? Wang Zi Jiao:Purley Selling of Car

From a weekly magazine report, says Selina accepted an expensive car from “Jiao Jiao”, Selina’s father [Ren Ba] left a message yesterday on the net, emphasized he has lived his life ncorruptibly, strictly raising his daughters, never sought after wealth, Ren Ba says that car was bought by nearly million yuan cash by Ren Ma from Wang Zi Jiao’s work shop, there is recipt from Hua Nan Bank as proof.

Wang Zi Jiao says, confirmed that he sold the BMW to Selina, at that time there was three who wanted to buy the BMW, Selina discussed the cost with him, discussed it the most quickly, so it was a finalized deal. That’s a really normal friend relationship, so everyone please don’t misunderstand Selina. This kind of [gift giving] rumour to a girl is very hurting. In the beginning when Jiao Jiao bought that BMW it cost him about 1.5 million yuan, driven less than a year, he sold it to Selina for about 1 million, then Jiao Jiao bought another car he really wanted which was a Benz.

The other report that said Selina accepting luxury car from Wang Zi Jiao, Selina couldn’t hold it back anymore and was in tears to clarify the truth with her father by her side. Also bringing out the receipt of payment as proof, the car was bought from Wang Zi Jiao, as for the twisted report by the magazine, they’re considering legal actions to gain her justice back.

The video below is her in tears clarifying truth.

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