Selena Li Plays AIDS Patient in “The Most Beautiful 7th Day”

Selena Li was filming in Nagoya, Japan earlier for TVB’s new series, "The Most Beautiful 7th Day."
With the 10 day filming schedule, Selena took the opportunity to go skiing and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

Accordingly, this is Selena’s first trip to Japan. Afraid of the cold weather, Selena brought along numerous heat packs and sweaters to keep warm during filming. When departing from the Hong Kong airport, Selena’s luggage was overweight and thus Kevin Cheng Ka Wing checked in some of her items with his luggage.

The scenes filmed in Nagoya center around the love triangle between Selena, Kevin and Niki Chow Lai Kei in "The Most Beautiful 7th Day." Inflicted with AIDS, Selena’s character heads to Japan to commit suicide.

Although Selena’s character is pitiful in the series, she enjoyed the filming experience in Japan enormously. Filming near the mountain region, Selena bought numerous arts and crafts as souvenirs.

Taking a lot of photos along the way, Selena also visited a historical temple. Did Selena pray for good luck in romance? Selena said that she only prayed for health. It is unnecessary to pray for romance.

During the trip, Selena’s most memorable experience was taking a photo with a bear taller than herself.

Selena looks so pretty in that picture. Hope to see her in more series this year.

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