Selecting an office chair affects your health and Feng Shui

Things you should look for when purchasing an office chair, the cushion, backrest, and price.

Price is not always the issue, but you don’t want to pay too much for your office chair. For now, lets look at other issues in determining the right office chair for you.

Back support and comfort. A chair with a contoured backrest is shaped to match the natural curve of your spine.

The backrest is the proper height or is adjustable, to provide you with the comfort and support your back needs.

The seat should be firm enough to support your weight evenly, yet soft enough to fit your form.

Consider a “waterfall” seat cushion. This seat cushion slopes down at the front of the chair, improving circulation to your lower legs.

Armrests are import to help place your arms in a comfortable position. This will reduce shoulder, neck and back strain.

One-touch action pneumatic height adjustment, would able you to modify your seat position during the day.

Check the adjustment positions, by remaining seated. Ensure all controls are easily reached, without having to bend, twist, or get up out of your chair to locate. Check for multi-tilt and operator mechanisms, which lets you alter your position while maintaining support. These are important for data entry or computer work.

Choose the chair with casters designed for your office flooring. Chair casters are made for carpets, hard surfaces, or the combination of both.

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