Second Teaser for Nana 2

The official site for Nana 2 has been updated with a second teaser. Based on a popular manga series by Ai Yazawa, the basic storyline deals with the love and friendship between two young women with contrasting personailty, yet both share the same name Nana. In Mack’s report, its expected that "the sequel will wrap up the story, with Nana’s band "Black Stones" making their debut and Hachi becoming pregnant." For more details on the manga, go here.

As mention before, Aoi Miyazaki has declined to reprise the role of Nana Komatsu (nickname: Hachi) so Yui Ichikawa will take over. The role of Nana Osaki will still be played by Mika Nakashima.

Toho plans to release the film theatrically in Japan on December 9th.

Nana 2 Teaser 2 (downloadable quicktime)
Nana 2 Teaser 1 (downloadable quicktime)
Nana 2 Official webite

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