Se7olution Conquers On & Offline Charts

Se7olution is conquering the online and offline charts in just 4 days from release. At the moment it is No1 at the present time as well as weekly Hanteo chart. On the offline charts at the large scale stores such as Hottracks, shinara etc, it is leading the chart by far (compared to no2). As well as this, on Melon, cyworld, Bugs, he is also number one and this proves again se7en’s power with real album sales.

It’s been calculated that in the 4 days so far, 41595 copies have been sold- 18334 on the first day, 7804, 8512, 6945 respectively on the following days.

In addition, there was 50000 copies preordered already, which placed him no 1 on the preorder chart.

Dongwookie thinks that although today’s comeback was not his 100%, he is satisfied with it. He says he will make up for the rest in the activities coming up.


A short preview of tomrrow night’s ep of Hidden Camera was shown on SBS and someone who saw it said that he was wearing some white robe thing (u know like the ones ppl wear when they play taekwondo or sth)

About today’s music core performance…. lots of bits and pieces here and there… first of all the recording was meant to start at 11am but actually was lately and started at 12pm… and they recorded I will do well first…. then afterwards they came out and went back in for the recording of La la la…. so both songs were recorded prior tot he live broadcast… During the live broadcast as always, dongwookie just stood on the stage and danced while the vid was being broadcasted…. i dont any se7en fans just went for the live show… fortunately… because it’s rare for a comeback to have both parts recorded…. for the recording of I will do well, all the fans went in and he rehearsed it once first then did the recording twice… ppl said that it took REALLY long to set up the orchestra and everything…

The response to today’s comeback even amongst non se7en fans is HUMONGOUS…. after the airing of the show, "se7en music core comeback" or similar type of words were in the top 10 of the search words on big search engines such as daum and naver… especially "i wil do well"… the reponse to this song seems to be even greater than la la la… seems like many ppl are surprised/shocked that such a ballad singer thing(having an orchestra in the background) would be seen in a se7en performance.

Apparently nearly all of YG went to MBC today for his comeback (as well as BB’s performance) and some fan said that YG had a really satisfied smile on his face and clapped witht he audience for dongwookie’s performance.

For tomorrow’s inkigayo, he will be singing 3 songs- La la la, Last of diary and Can you feel me

Hanteo sales

11.3.2006 3,487 copies (accumulative: 14,724) (Daily: No1, Weekly: No1)

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