Se7en’s Topless Picture Brings Craze to His Website

On the 11th, on Se7en’s webpage, he had posted a dance practice picture with himself topless in it. This brought many visits to his page because since debut, this is the first time Se7en had revealed his upper body.

It is usual for singers to take off their shirts on stage to bring up the atmosphere after a performance. Like Rain, he would always take off his shirt at his concerts that attracts many screams. But on the hand, Se7en never took off his shirt on stage. Most of the time he would just wear a no sleeve t-shirt.

Regarding this picture, Se7en’s company explained that this is only for commemoration for ‘Se7en Day’ on July 7. They said, “Because the special album that was said to be released on July 7 has been postponed, we felt really apologetic. So we decided to reveal Se7en’s topless dance practice picture and clip.”

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