Se7en’s 4th album, number 1 in preorder chart, 50 000 Preorder

The new album of top singer Se7en recorded 50,000 preorders, making his album rank number 1 in the preorder album chart.

"On October 30, Se7en’s 4th album ‘Se7olution’ recorded an initial order of more than 50,000 from the wholesaler", YG Entertainment revealed.

Se7en’s 4th album is scheduled to be released nationwide on November 1 but if distribution to retailers will be considered, the album will be available for purchase on November 2 or 3.

6 o’clock today, Se7en’s 4th album ranked number 1 in the preorder chart and simultaneously number 1 in the Bestseller Daily and Weekly charts of Hot Tracks, the largest retailer of albums in Korea. These only show the hot anticipation for Se7en’s 4th album.

Se7en’s 4th album title track "La La La" will showcase his vocal power.

Because of Se7en’s "Palace 2" shoots, he will only be able to do singer activities on weekends.

Se7en has already finished recording his US debut single and is scheduled to start his US activites in the first half of next year.

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