Se7en/Rain Both Release Their 4th Albums

"Korean Wave" stars Se7en and Rain are both having their comebacks with their 4th albums this October.

"Se7en’s 4th album will be released on October 26", Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s director, announced in the YG homepage on September 29.

On October 13, Rain will open in Seoul Jamsil Olympic stadium his "Rain World Tour 2006/2007" and his 4th album. The clash of Rain and Se7en intensifies this October and is creating a hype inside and outside Korea.

"Se7en’s 4th album’s style makes a complete change", revealed in the YG homepage.

Se7en came out with "Come Back to Me" for his 1st album, "Passion" for his 2nd and "I Know" with his 3rd album, which showcased Se7en’s different muic styles.

Fans should expect many changes with Se7en’s 4th album, clothing and choreography styles.

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