Se7en will not be acting in Goong 2

"Se7en’s drama performance will not happen."

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk has revealed the official message on Se7en’s rumored leading role in the drama "Palace 2".

Yang has posted a message in the YG homepage last September 29 regarding news last 28th that Se7en will be acting in a drama. Yang conveyed that Se7en acting in it is impossible and that no one has been decided to star in the drama.

Top star Se7en has been receiving offers to act in dramas and in the big screen but he has refused for he reasons that he wants to concentrate as a singer.

Yang accepts the fact that many singers are venturing into acting. He revealed that Se7en was offered to act in a drama and a movie but they are still thinking hard if Se7en will really pursue an acting career. The YG director also said that acting can help Se7en branch out into the Asian market.

"So is Se7en going to act in the future? What kind of drama and what kind of role will be fit for the singer? Se7en’s move into acting is surely something they have to think about.

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