SE7EN, “The character in goong is like me… I did not hesitate”,

"The role is exactly in me", SE7EN, the male lead of "Palace 2", confidently said.

SE7EN is presently in New York and busy recording his US debut single.
"I like the role and script. When I read the script, I thought Lee Hoo was in me", SE7EN said during an interview with Star News through an international call.

"The character is an optimistic person and is good in Taekwondo. Although I am not good in Taekwondo, I have to get in shape", SE7EN said as he laughed.

SE7EN has received many drama offers before but he did not accept them. "After reading the script of ‘Palace 2’, I accepted the offer because I wanted to face the challenge", SE7EN said.

On November 1, SE7EN will be releasing his 4th album. "I am most worried with the physical work that entails this project because this will be the first time that I will be acting. But I will do my best to adjust so I would not be overwhelmed", Se7en shared when asked about his concerns on acting for the first time.

SE7EN will be busy with his drama shoot but he will do his best to do his 4th album activities. "If the drama and US debut be a success in 2007, which has the lucky number 7, like what my name implies, that year will definitely be the best year of my life", SE7EN said.

"I am working with good people and in a good environment. The 4th album was done really well. It will satisfy the ears of the people", SE7EN, who is recording his US single, expressed last October 24.

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