Se7en release US single in June, following 2nd Japanese album

Se7en (23), who experienced heartache because of the low ratings of "Palace S", prepares for his American and Japanese activities.

Se7en will be having a concert on April 7 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. YG Entertainment explains that this will Se7en’s last stage this year for his domestic fans. Then on the 2nd week of April, the YG singer will be leaving for the US to prepare for the release of his 1st US single. Se7en plans to simultaneously keep himself busy with his American activities and Japanese promotions.

"American producer Richie Harrison has made 2 tracks for Se7en’s 1st single album and will be released around June. In July, he will be releasing a 2nd Japanese album. He will also have a 5-city tour in Japan including Osaka for the promotions. After which, he will again come back to America to concentrate on the promotion of his 1st US single", YG Entertainment revealed.

Se7en’s activities in the US and Japan will spark a new vitality in his career. He will carry on a more determined outlook especially in America to regain from the failure he experienced as an actor in "Palace S".

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