Se7en, “I won’t be seeing my fans that much”

"After the Japan concerts, I will be concentrating on my US activities."

Last March 22, singer-actor Se7en mentioned about his plans after his April 7th concert (SE7EN FOR 2007). He said that after the concert, he cannot promise that he can often meet his fans but will work hard to reach for his dreams – to expand his career.

According to YG Entertainment, Se7en will be busy overseas, specifically in Japan and the US. From June to July, Se7en will concentrate on his nationwide tour in Japan. He will then release a US single and music video and be active in America in the latter half of the year.

Se7en wrote in his letter that in in those 4 years since his debut, he has learned a lot.

After Se7en’s April 7 concert at 7 pm at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium, he will start on his overseas activities.

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