Se7en Films a Cell Phone Photo Album in Los Angeles

While Korean star Se7en is in America, he is preparing to release his own cell phone photo album in which he spent over a million Yuan on. In the diary style photo album, fans can observe pictures of his lifestyle 24/7. He becomes the first Korean singer to release his own cell phone photo album!

Se7en was in Los Angeles, USA earlier to learn music, dance, and English. During that time, his company gathered a bunch of hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers to photograph this cell phone photo album. The main point is to capture Se7en’s lifestyle in a week, including him eating ice cream on the street, buying fruits, talking on the phone, skateboarding, shopping, and more.

Recently Korea has started such a thing as cell phone photo album. It allows fans to download the photos on to their cellphone. Because it is a close contact with their idols, it has been greatly welcomed once this new method is released. Previous photo album releases were mainly female celebrities showing their sex appeal which attracted alot of male fans. Se7en is considered the first male singer to release his own. In this photo album, fans can choose from thousands of pictures.

Se7en, who is currently still studying in USA, described this photographing process as ‘hot’. He is used to Korea’s cool climate and once he stepped into burning hot LA, it wasn’t easy for him to adapt to it. Other than studying, the rest of the time can be planned by himself. Unlike in Korea, where he has many performances to go to, staying in USA is like a vacation to him. It’s a very hard thing to do in Korea and now he can actually enjoy the word ‘freedom’.

Se7en disclosed that afterwards he will be having a one-time 8 countries, 11 cities concert. He will be having a show in Japan this month and several concerts in USA in October. The concerts will be at Washington, New York, and Los Angeles. He will also be going to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, to meet the rest of his fans.

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