Se7en, 1st single preparations in April in the US

Se7en, who is currently busy with his acting career, announced that preparations for his first single album, which will be released in America, is planned to be around April of this year.

"Se7en’s 4th album concert is planned on April 7 at the Jamsil Olympic Gymnasium. This will be Se7en’s last domestic stage this year", Yang Hyun Suk, director of YG Entertainment, made clear in a message he posted on February 15 at the YG homepage.

Yang Hyun Suk added that after the concert, Se7en will immediately go to the US to shoot his first single album music video.

Se7en’s first single album, which was already recorded, was produced by Richie Harrison while famous rapper Fabolous participated in it.

"I listened to Se7en and Fabolous’ song and it is really good. It is different from all the other Se7en songs you have heard" expressed Yang.

A new Japanese single promotion and Japan concert tour are planned in June to July. From August to December, sale and promotion of his 1st single album in the US are set.

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